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Are you role modeling Aspirational Thinking?

With 2024 right around the corner, it’s an exciting time to dream big and think of what the next year will hold for your team. In what ways are you articulating a compelling vision and Breakthrough Goals for your organization? Have you shared your enthusiasm for how you believe this will make your enterprise better by 2026? We’ve collected some data over the last three months that highlights the importance of bringing a compelling plan and aspirational thinking to the table.

  • Only 54% of teams say they can see a Compelling Plan in their organization – one that inspires them both personally and professionally
  • 26% of followers say they DO NOT get positivity or Aspirational Thinking from their boss
  • 60% of leaders DO NOT have a plan with 3-year goals, both personally and professionally

There’s plenty of data to support why Aspirational Thinking is important. The science journal, Neuron, brings this point to light:

Research confirms the only thing that can overcome our human proclivity for negativity and hard-to-break habits is a vivid and compelling goal.

Now is the time to lead the Aspirational Thinking parade in your organization. If not you, then who? Here’s how we can help:

  • Aspirational Framework Tool – stimulate “What’s possible?” thinking
  • Personal Visioning Tool – help your team to get beyond worry, or feeling “stuck”
  • Seven Fs Insight Tool – allow your team to connect with one another on a deeper level

If you’re ready to start modeling aspirational thinking with your team and to receive a PDF of these tools, feel free to reach out to

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