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Best boss ever? Meet Lynn Casey

Lynn Casey, CEO of Padilla Speer Beardsley is cringing as she reads this. She’s my all time favorite boss, and she HATES the word “boss.” She’s been in the news a lot lately, and she hates the spotlight almost as much as she hates the B-word. Early this summer, she was named the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Woman of the Year, and Monday, August 1, she was on the cover of the Minneapolis Star Tribune business page.

I’m so darn proud for Lynn Casey. She’s tough as nails, charming and Harvard-smart in a beer-drinking sort of way. Recently she invited all of the Alumni of Padilla Speer Beardsley to attend a 50th year reunion celebration for past employees. It was an outstanding celebration that rekindled our collective PSB pride. Don Padilla, David Speer and John Beardsley have all passed on, but they are smiling from ear to ear watching this simple North Dakota girl accelerate the growth and esteem of their firm.

If you’re at all curious to learn more, click this link to the Star Tribune article, and register for the Good Leadership Breakfast, Friday, August 19.

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