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Bring goodness back into healthcare: Troy Simonson, Good Leadership Breakfast and Voice America Radio

Last Week…

Two days before Thanksgiving, this blog announced a special Good Leadership Breakfast recorded in November featuring Troy Simonson, CEO of Revo Health. We’re sending a fresh link again here.  You can watch it here.

Bringing Goodness Back into Healthcare

The title of Troy’s talk was “Bringing goodness back into healthcare.”  That’s also the sub-title of a book we wrote together called Be the Difference. When I asked, “What is significant about the sub-title of the book?”  He replied, “The most important word is ‘back’ – through a strong sense of values and shared commitments within the physicians in his organization, we are putting the focus squarely on the patient.”

Watch the Breakfast video.

This Week…

After the breakfast last week, the producers of the Voice America Radio program called Get to the Future On Time Radio asked Troy and me to join them this Thursday, December 3 at 10 AM CST as guest speakers. The host is a sponsor and good friend of the Good Leadership Breakfast Series, J Allen, CEO of Masters Alliance. J’s approach is to highlight leaders who are sparking business transformations. It’s easy to see why he is interested in Troy Simonson, the newly appointed CEO of Revo Health. We’ll be talking about the insights in the book Troy and I wrote together: Be the Difference, Bringing Goodness Back into Healthcare.

Listen Live.

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