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Ever wonder how you would look on TV? Link to Batz on KMSP TV

Today, I saw the video from the very first television interview about the Seven Fs, and our book What Really Works.  It aired on a Saturday morning, on  KMSP TV, Minneapolis.  You can see it by either pasting this URL into your browser, or visiting the Paul Batz You Tube site.  (

Hey, I realize there were probably only a dozen people tuned in on a Saturday morning (with five of them my family members)…but its a start!  Here are my own personal observations:

a) I’m glad I wore pink…it made me feel fresh on a Saturday morning

b) I need to shed a few pounds and ‘tone up’ a bit if I’m going to sit across smashing young interviewers like the Ken-doll I had that day…now I know why people say that TV adds 15 pounds.  There’s a reason I’m not cut out to be a TV show host.

c) this subject is really fun to talk about, even under the pressure of live television.

Please follow the link (or visit the Paul Batz You Tube site) watch the video, and tell me what you think.


The Seven Fs are: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future.  Enjoy!

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