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Good Leaders: Can you relax today?

It’s not easy for me to rest and relax. I’m working on it this week.

I’m tired. The four months of January through April are the busy season in the leadership consulting business. Last week I got up before 5am, five days in a row. It’s a good tired. But I’m tired.

Good work

Two keynote speeches, a Good Leadership Breakfast, eight coaching meetings, and four days of executive team facilitation within the past seven business days has me feeling like I’ve earned a vacation.

Florida in March is good for R&R.

So this week I am relaxing in the Florida sunshine with Melinda, Anna, Katie and Max. And today is my 54th birthday. I feel young!

I don’t feel older or wiser… but today I’m 54.

Good leaders work hard to build something special. And they take vacation to rest and relax so they can come back strong.

See you next week!

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