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Good Leaders: What hunch do you need to confirm?

When Darin Lynch, CEO of Irish Titan, spoke at the Good Leadership Breakfast in years gone by, we were operating on a “hunch.” Now, we’ve proven Goodness Pays – it’s going to be an exciting year!

What we started 9 years ago was based on a hunch. We didn’t have any proof. All we had was a burst of confidence that came from the affirmation of others when we made the bold statement: goodness pays. And then we made the assertion that we could improve our clients’ business results by teaching them how to lead with more goodness. The business grew about the same time people started lingering after the meetings…as if they were yearning for more goodness.

The research behind this book proves exactly “how” goodness pays.

Friday, February 15, is the start of the 10th year of the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. What’s exciting, is the decision to grow the breakfast and our business is no longer based on a “hunch.” Because we now have research-based proof – leading with goodness pays financially for leaders who consistently live and work in ways that other people recognize as “goodness.” We think that’s exciting!

Great speakers this spring

So, we’ve assembled a group of speakers whose leadership is energized by continual bursts of goodness. One speaker is famous, the others are everyday good leaders who live within our midst – quietly generating world-class business results. Our kick-off speaker is our highest profile speaker yet: Stedman Graham.

Yes, it’s “that Stedman.” He’s a world-class coach and leadership consultant who will kick off the 2019 breakfast series.

On February 15, he will share his world-class insights from a coaching/consulting/speaking career that spans decades – and also transcends cultures. He’s tall, dark, and handsome…fitting of the world’s most famous “boyfriend.”

A small amount of tickets are available – you can guarantee a seat to meet Stedman Graham if you buy a season ticket here.

Megan Remark will speak on March 15 about her journey to becoming a hospital CEO.

March 15, the speaker is the CEO of Regions Hospital, Megan Remark. Megan will share her insights on the leadership challenges of maintaining and growing the reputation of a Level One Trauma Center hospital. And she’s also shaping a world-class culture with team leadership in ways she labels: Silver to Gold.

April 12, the speaker is a global IT executive, Monte Nuchols, who is shaping the manufacturing intelligence systems for Adient – the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive seating. After a life-threatening heart attack, Monte fully embraced the idea that the Seven Fs will help leaders live with less stress and lead with less fear. His personal transformation was felt by thousands of employees and contractors within Adient.

May 10, the speaker is a St. Paul kid, Phil McKoy, who rose to the top CIO position at UnitedHealthcare. Phil’s story includes a personal and professional journey where he held strong to his own intense and charismatic brand of goodness that attracts really good people.

Monte Nuchols is a global IT leader who transformed his personal and professional live with the Seven Fs. He’s the speaker on April 12.

After 9 years of growing Good Leadership Enterprises, what stands out as the most satisfying part of the journey so far is the wonderful cast of really good characters who’ve helped us grow the Good Leadership Breakfast. We are leaping ahead into our 10th year with bold expectations for how we can help goodness pay for you.

Phil McKoy will finish the Spring series with a compelling story about his unique brand of goodness in his personal and professional life.

Good leaders move past assumptions and do real research to prove their hunches are true. And they press forward with confidence knowing that goodness pays.

So, the coaching question for today is: What hunch do you need to confirm?

Tickets for the spring season of the Good Leadership Breakfast are available here. A season ticket pack will guarantee your meeting with Stedman Graham.



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