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Good Leaders: Where can you feel momentum building around you?

Yesterday, this stack of newly-signed How Goodness Pays books were mailed to Goodness Champions who are helping spread goodness.

Paul Hillen and I are consuming significant amounts of time these days for a joyful activity – signing our new book! As each day passes more orders are being processed, and the postal service is helping us spread goodness. The strategy for our Good Leadership Press publishing label is to produce business gift books – and December is the perfect time of year to give a book as a gift to people you admire.

Paul Hillen and I have signed well over a thousand books in the last three weeks, with no end in sight!

Feeling the momentum

The momentum is definitely building….within the past three weeks 14 people have signed up to be Goodness Champions – that means they have purchased 25 books with the intention of helping spread goodness. Last week, we received an order for 150 books to be shipped all over the United States, and another client purchased 2,250 books for distribution to all of their internal coaches.

It’s important for my co-author, Paul Hillen, and I to enjoy this part of the process, because the final stages of finishing a book are often compared to the final 3 miles of a marathon. It’s really hard (painful) work, that feels good when it’s finished. Even though it takes lots of time to sign hundreds of books in a sitting – it’s fun!

A charming videographer named Jeff interviewed me on-site at UnitedHealthcare for a video that will introduce our book to thousands of cultural ambassadors within their company.

Clients helping spread goodness

Yesterday, I sat down for my first video interview related to the How Goodness Pays message. The Cultural Ambassador team at UnitedHealthcare will be using the book as a character-development tool in their company-wide culture initiative. The 15-minute video we recorded will be seen by thousands of employees, and we will have our own point-of-view video to share with you.

All of the end-of-the-year energy is intended to give leaders like you the encouragement and permission to act upon what you already know: goodness pays! If you haven’t gotten your How Goodness Pays book yet, you can order one here. We are grateful for your goodness.

Good leaders enjoy the momentum that comes from their perseverance and hard work. And they multiply the joy by sharing their gratitude for the people who help along the way.

Please share with me: Where can you feel the momentum building around you?


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