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Good Leadership Coach Collaboration

Good Leadership coaches strengthen teams and improve business results with a focus on the Goodness Pays Leadership System©. By fostering alignment, commitment, and open accountability within teams, coaches take common business challenges and turn them into opportunities to thrive. The coaching team is results-focused and brings their collective expertise and perspective to the organizations they lead.

Collective expertise and perspective were the focus of the quarterly Coaches’ Lunch that took place in July.

Bringing the Coaching Team Together

The Good Leadership team values the time the coaches meet as a collective group. For this reason, the client services team invites the coaches to gather on a quarterly basis. This time is used to share ideas, have robust dialogue, and strengthen the team bonds, all while surrounded by laughter and, of course, lunch.

Center of Conversation: The Leadership Development Blueprint

The Leadership Development Blueprint is used in all Good Leadership coaching engagements. The best leaders have their Leadership Development Blueprint readily available to stay centered, focused, and motivated to perform at the next level of effectiveness. The Good Leadership team used the time together in July to discuss best practices and brainstorm new ideas directly related to the Leadership Development Blueprint. Want to try the tool? Email for a copy.

It has been said before and will be said again: There’s something powerful about being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share a common passion for growth and development.

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