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Have you noticed who is growing around you?

Have you noticed new growth in the talent around you? Now is a good time to coach and develop the people around you who are thriving.

The surest sign of springtime is the sight of growth. Everywhere we look outside trees and shrubs are sprouting. And blooming. That’s what’s happening in your organization as well.

If you look closely, a small segment of your talent pool is blossoming in the ambiguity of today. That’s one of the silver linings in our new normal. Somehow, the change in our business climate has caused certain people to learn and grow faster than others.

So, just as you prune and care for your garden, now is a good time to prune and care for your talent as well.


Help yourself to help others

Better coaching skills will help you help your talent grow through the ambiguity of today.

Tomorrow’s Wednesday Webinar is a refresher course on Coaching and Developing Talent. It’s an encore performance of a popular session from early April. You will learn how to avoid the punitive stigma of the Scientific Method in coaching, and how Aspirational Thinking stimulates the fastest growth. The skills taught in this webinar are lifelong skills you can use at home and work.  Register here.

Join leaders like you from across the country who are sharpening their coaching skills to develop talent faster.


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