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Here’s a holiday season booster shot of positivity

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Today’s blog is an announcement of a special Good Leadership Breakfast recorded last Friday, featuring Troy Simonson, CEO of Revo Health. You can watch it here.

The breakfast pivot – and pivot points

The invisible virus not only caused a global pandemic but also significant disruption to business as we know it. It’s looking like there won’t be any gatherings like the Good Leadership Breakfast again until sometime in 2022 – yep, that’s not a typo. So…that leaves all of us wondering…what to do?

With the encouragement of Heather Lang and Troy Simonson of Revo Health, the Good Leadership team sprung into action in early November to produce a virtual breakfast. It’s best to think of it as a “video podcast” or a “souped-up Zoom call.”  You’ll find really interesting data collected through interactive polling – the audience was comprised of leaders who are affiliated with the breakfast sponsors.

Most people know Troy as the CEO of Twin Cities Orthopedics. He recently passed the reigns of TCO to a new CEO, Aaron Johnson, so Troy could carve the path forward with Revo Health as his main focus.  In the interview, I asked Troy about some of the important “pivot points” in his career – those moments he can see now looking back that changed his trajectory for the better. He cited an internship in his early 20s, and the decision to partner with the Minnesota Vikings, to brand the TCO Performance Center.

Bringing Goodness Back into Healthcare

The title of his talk is “Bringing goodness back into healthcare.”  That’s also the sub-title of a book we wrote together called Be the Difference. When I asked, “What is significant about the sub-title of the book?”  He replied, “The most important word is ‘back’ – through a strong sense of values and shared commitments within the physicians in his organization, we are putting the focus squarely on the patient,” he explained.

How does he know that goodness pays for his leadership?  “We are consistently above 98% in patients who are willing to refer a friend or family member to our physicians for care,” he smiled. “We think that’s exceptional, and we think that’s goodness.”

Get a research summary of the breakfast here, brought to you by breakfast sponsor, Lockton.

Watch the Breakfast video.


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