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How can we help each other these days?

Rapid cancellations in our business due to Covid-19 caused me to stop for a beer at my office to wrap my head around: “What do I really think?”

Confused, frustrated, a little angry, and slightly scared. That’s how I’m reacting to Covid-19. I’m also empathetic, faithful, and hopeful. That’s why I’m speaking out today. How are you feeling about your leadership in response to the pandemic?

Authentic is real

Last month at the Good Leadership Breakfast, more than 150 guests self-identified through audience response technology with the word “authentic” as the one-word brand they most coveted for their leadership. To be authentic means to be consistently real in all contexts. That’s how it feels to jump back into blogging again today. I’m an optimist whose spirit has been assaulted by an unforeseen virus scare that’s caused me confusion, frustration, and a little anger. I know I’m not the only one – that’s real.

Why waste a good crisis?

My colleague Ellen is transforming the Aspiration Suite into a Facebook Live studio for a broadcast of John Thomas this coming Friday, March 20.

The first big decision for our firm: “What do we do with the Good Leadership Breakfast?” The CDC and the Governor of Minnesota have asked us all to limit gatherings to ten people or less for eight weeks. That means we won’t be having breakfast together in March or April. But with 70% of our client appointments canceling, we’re determined to innovate our way into the future. That means we are developing an interactive, virtual broadcast of the March breakfast this Friday on Facebook Live. We will broadcast the keynote address by John Thomas, two specific Coaching Conversationsand the event will be interactive with Poll Everywhere technology on your phone or computer. And we will keep the cast and crew from the Aspiration Suite in the Good Leadership offices below ten people!

We’ll introduce coaching concepts for resilience, positivity, and goodness for tough times like these

Take care of yourself. Find ways to be positive with your teams.

The focus of the meeting will be on resilience, and how to maintain positive teamwork during the unprecedented work-from-home, social isolation quarantine. By Friday, we surmise you will be ready for a boost. Watch your email for a link to join the broadcast and the tools to accelerate your learning during the session.

Technology now allows us to raise money with the Bucket of Goodwill online. We’ll be asking you to donate and nominate a charity of your choice because it’s a simple way of thinking about someone other than yourself. The Facebook Live event will be free, so you are encouraged to invite your entire social network to join us at 7:30 am this Friday.

Closing sentiments

This past Sunday morning, I took my mother out for brunch at a cute neighborhood spot in St. Paul. The culture was quiet and depressed with a weird sense of doom that today we understand. I handed the server a $100 tip on top of $27 worth of omelets and coffee. “You don’t know how much this is appreciated,” she said with tears of joy and fear. “We’re literally living tip-to-tip around here,” she said with authentic humility. I left that restaurant with a pit in my stomach because I knew they’d be shutting down soon. So that’s why we are going to donate the ticket money from the March breakfast to all of the workers at Golden Valley Country Club who will miss the paid labor hours from the canceled breakfast. It’s the least we can do.

Please reply to me or comment below: How can we help each other these days?

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