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How can your choice of snacks be a leadership subject?

In the presence of good leaders we feel simultaneously calm and energized, confident and humble, bold and careful.  Better yet, we really start to believe we can make a huge difference in society.   That’s what I’ve found in getting to know Jon Nudi, the President of the fastest growing company within the General Mills portfolio of food businesses. Jon is the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast tomorrow: Friday, September 16, 7;15 AM at Minnesota Valley Country Club in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Everyone knows we are ‘snacking’ more now than ever…we’re moving too fast, blowing right by the Leave It To Beaver type family dinners.  If we’re honest, we know most of our snacking isn’t very good for our health and fitness — so we book an extra session at the gym to feel better about the snacks.  Hmmm.

Under the direction of Jon Nudi, a Blue Chip team of leaders are rallying around the idea that snacking can be better.  And it’s refreshing to see how this group can find a good old fashioned capitalistic business opportunity at the intersection of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, our moral obligations to be healthy, and the commercial world of convenient food.  How did this opportunity come to the surface?  That’s part of the magic of Jon’s story.

We look forward to sharing that magic tomorrow morning and then through a quick video clip afterward.  To learn more about the Good Leadership Breakfast follow this link: Stay tuned!

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