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How do you celebrate Good Leadership?

Its hard to miss the brilliant red Handy Paint Pails at the center of each round table.  Mark Bergman’s invention is turning the painting industry upside down.  Recently, the “Walmart of Japan” picked up the product…recognizing how valuable this tool will be, as good people brighten up a bad situation.

Good leaders understand that to give, is to receive — its the original concept of ‘leverage.’  At the Good Leadership Breakfast, we call Bergman’s invention “The Bucket of Goodwill,” and we use it as our own day brightener.  This year, more than 600 participants attended 9 events at Minnesota Valley Country Club.  Our purpose is to provide an invigorating leadership development experience for people who do not have the benefit of a corporate plan.  We believe that everyone is teetering on the edge of something extraordinary…and when good leaders, get together with good intentions, we make great things possible!  So far, that’s meant lots of good.

One the breakfast series rituals is for participants to reach deep into their pockets.  We ask for a healthy cash donation into the Bucket of Goodwill, accompanied by a business card.  At the end of each meeting, the speaker draws a name out of the bucket — the winner has the obligation to donate the proceeds from the buckets to their favorite charity.  That’s cool…but here’s the best part: the inventor of the Handy Paint Pail matches the donations.  This past year our good leaders have donated $3277, which has been matched by Bergman.

Mark Bergman is a good leader who is making great things possible.  How are you celebrating good leadership?

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