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How do you expect to feel today?

Its winter. And in Minnesota, late February means we’re all sick of it by now. Collectively we share the blahs from a persistent purple stink cloud of stale indoor air. But alas, in true Midwestern style, we buckle down and embrace winter as our “season for working!”

Especially when we are working really, really hard in the winter — we all need to feel appreciated. A coaching client recently explained his success habits to me this way. “Paul, the most important thing I do everyday is to go out of my way to make people feel appreciated.” Hmmmm.

When was the last time someone looked you straight in the eye and said: “Thank you for what you are doing today…good job.” That would be nice.

And, more importantly, when was the last time you looked someone straight in the eye and said: “Thank you for what you are doing today…you are doing a great job!”

Anyone who pours their best energy into their work feels many different things throughout the day: success, frustration, impatience, fatigue…maybe even giddy. But the best feeling, without a doubt, is feeling appreciated.

The psychologists call it “psychic income.” I call it Good leadership. Can you find the time today to go out of your way to make someone feel genuinely good about themselves (appreciated)? Why not send a hand-written note to their home address? Why not drop a Starbucks card on their desk? How about sharing your parking space with an hourly worker when you’re away on the road.

At the very least, think awhile about what makes you feel appreciated. Then go out of your way…

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