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How Do You Invest in High Potential Talent?

The key to success lies in the ability to nurture and retain top talent. However, the silver tsunami is looming, and leaders are struggling with succession in all areas of business. Finding ways to invest in your talent that is meaningful, worthwhile, and has a lasting impact is more important now than ever before.   

One way to invest in your talent is Grow Smart Pods: an effective cohort-based learning sprint that creates accountability amongst peers and the c-suite, where the members work on an actual problem in the business; all guided by a Good Leadership Coach. They are a game-changer for organizations looking to stay ahead of the curve. 

Addressing the Business Challenge

In a conversation with a healthcare client, turnover rates are through the roof – except for the c-suite. The executive leadership team needed to protect business continuity and build the team that would support the future, as well as attract and retain talent, while keeping engagement high.   

The team decided to deploy a Grow Smart Pod. They identified six high potential high performing employees, 2 at the manager level, and 4 at the director level across departments with the objective of finding the root cause of the high turnover rate and developing actionable strategies for the future.  

The Journey and the Results

Over six months of intensive collaboration, the cohort dove deep into the issue, partnered with HR, and conducted some serious qualitative interviews. What was found? Burnout was a major factor driving people out the door, but there were also some golden nuggets of insight into what makes our top talent stick around.  

The best part? The investment in Grow Smart Pods paid off big time. Not only did the high performers get some serious stretch assignments and the opportunity to shine, but valuable insights were gained into how to keep employees engaged and invested in the organization for the long haul. 

Embracing Organizational Effectiveness

As leaders, you set the tone for the organizations and nurturing a culture of growth and resilience. That means being proactive about investing in talent and embracing innovative solutions like Grow Smart Pods.  

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