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Is it Time to Upgrade?

Looking at our businesses through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic brings the law of supply and demand into focus. Gasoline prices are low, because the supply is high and the demand is low. Many consumers are considering upgrades to big-ticket items like cars, appliances, and even houses because “money” is cheap…and the supply is up.

Does that apply to leadership talent as well?

We think the answer is “yes!” One client told me last week they had been searching for two very specific Vice Presidents (he called them Unicorns) for nearly six months, pre-COVID. But last week they filled both positions with A-caliber talent. The difference? Supply and demand. The uncertainty in the economy has made a lot of really good leaders open their eyes to new opportunities.


True colors

Another theme these days is how leaders are seeing the “true colors” of some of their employees during the pandemic. Work-from-home is bringing out the best in some employees. Their stock is rising. That makes the others stick out like Rudolph’s blinking nose. It’s never a bad idea to improve the talent and capacity of your team. Is it time for you to upgrade some of your talent?

Here’s the coaching advice for the day: The A-players notice when the C-players are allowed to slack off. Is it possible the poor performers are de-motivating your best performers?

This week’s Wednesday Webinar is focused on Leadership Expectations for Goodness. We will share the research about how the highest performing organizations are setting clear expectations in three lanes:

Join leaders like you from across the country to explore Leadership Expectations for Goodness
  1. Championship business results
  2. Winning culture
  3. Thriving communities

The content and the discussion may motivate you to upgrade.

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