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Ten years ago, blogs were all the rage. When we started our coaching business, a mentor suggested if I wanted to write best-selling books, I could benefit from creating a “writing practice” with regular deadlines. So I decided to write a 300+ word blog every Tuesday. So now, 9 1/2 years later, this is somewhere around my 500th blog. Yowsa!

The podcast production team has found its groove. Olivia Peterson is a young leader from Gallagher, who read How Goodness Pays.

Podcasting is spreading goodness

Now all the rage in the leadership space is podcasting. We started the Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast about a year ago as another channel for spreading goodness. Recently, I listened to all of our podcasts. The first one proves we had the will to be podcasters, but definitely not the skill. We got the sound all wrong. And the apprehension in our voices reminded me of a high-school kid on a nervous first date.

Adding voices

But since then, we’ve found our voice and our groove. We have published 18 podcasts, and have four more in the can to continue the momentum. What’s fun is including the insights of new voices about how goodness pays. Within the past six months we’ve had 10 different voices joining me. It keeps me sharp. And feeling like we are keeping up with the times.

Chelsey Larson was the young leader voice on the podcast featuring Alvin Abraham.

Listen below to learn more about “how to write a book” – that’s a topic I get asked to talk about a lot these days.

How to Write a Book

How Goodness Pays: The How of Research

Listen below to learn How Goodness Pays for leaders who read the book.

How Goodness Pays Proof Points: Gene Sieve

How Goodness Pays for 20-Something Leaders: Olivia Peterson, with Johan Gjenvick

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