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Nurturing Human Resources Collaboration: Insights from the HR Executive Roundtable

Nurturing Human Resources Collaboration: Insights from the HR Executive Roundtable
By Katie Bowell, Event and Client Services Manager

In early June, Good Leadership hosted its inaugural Human Resources (HR) Executive Roundtable, welcoming eight Twin Cities HR Executives to the Good Leadership office. This unique gathering provided a safe space for HR professionals from various industries to engage in meaningful discussions and address common challenges faced by their departments. The primary goals of this event were to learn from the HR community, foster dialogue, and position Good Leadership as a valuable resource for this esteemed community.

The Focus of the Roundtable: The chosen theme for the June session was “Can I work from home? Creating culture in a virtual environment and navigating work from home expectations.” This timely topic delved into the intricacies of remote work, including the establishment of a thriving culture in virtual settings and effectively managing work-from-home expectations. The discussions during the roundtable produced valuable insights that shed light on the evolving landscape of HR. Here are the key takeaways from the session:

Balancing Remote Work Realities:
HR professionals face the challenge of striking a balance between reducing physical office space to accommodate remote work, while also ensuring fair arrangements for employees who still need a physical workspace. The dilemma arises when some professionals must transition from private offices to shared spaces, such as cubicles or communal tables. This raises questions about effectively managing this transition without compromising employee satisfaction.

Encouraging In-Office Presence:
Efforts to incentivize employees to return to the office have yielded mixed results. Rather than coaxing individuals back to the workplace, some organizations have found success by creating a positive work environment for those already present. By focusing on improving in-office experiences, companies have seen a gradual increase in employee participation, ultimately inspiring others to follow suit.

Bridging the Gap: HR Policies and Managerial Implementation:
While HR departments establish rules and guidelines for hybrid work schedules, inconsistencies in managerial execution can lead to friction between departments. Aligning expectations across teams and ensuring consistent implementation of policies is vital to minimizing conflict and enhancing collaboration within the organization. Building upon the success of the first HR Executive Roundtable, the upcoming sessions will explore the impact of work-from-home arrangements on career planning and talent management.

The HR Executive Roundtable facilitated by Good Leadership was a catalyst for meaningful discussions among HR professionals, enabling them to collectively address pressing industry challenges. With the aim of cultivating a supportive HR community, Good Leadership continues to offer valuable insights, resources, and expertise

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