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The Key to Consistent Team Success

As the executors of the strategic plan, managers hold one of the most critical roles in any company. Yet, too often, they find themselves in positions without the proper tools to thrive. Research indicates roughly half of managers in mid-size organizations were promoted into the role without any specific manager training. This is often why employee engagement and workplace culture surveys are disappointing. Leaders cannot expect organizational alignment without managers who are consistently reinforcing the priorities and role modeling the organization’s values.  

Managers are usually trained in the technical aspects of their job and are often promoted based on their specialized, individual success. However, they often are not trained on the team development side. For managers who are leading a team for the first time, they are often given little to no support as to how to effectively navigate their new responsibilities.  

Good leaders understand the importance of ensuring all managers are trained using a consistent methodology. Without a shared framework, inconsistency is at an elevated risk as managers are only managing on their own experience of “being managed” without proper, modern training for the role. When teams in the organization are managed differently, teamwork is slowed, and infighting becomes more frequent. This, in turn, creates varying expectations for accountability, alignment, and commitment to the teams’ goals.  

The Teams of Teams Manager Consistency Playbook is an impactful, cost-effective key to jumpstart your managers journey toward cohesive team leadership. The Teams of Teams Playbook, based on the elements of the Team Momentum Model, is a self-guided manual that walks the manager through the most important aspects of creating and leading a team. The Team Momentum Model Elements are: 

  • Compelling Plan 
  • Clear Roles and Responsibilities  
  • Transparent Decision Making 
  • Disciplined Follow-Through 
  • Blended Benefits 
  • Shared Commitments 
  • Trust and Communication as outputs of a well-functioning team.  

Together, let’s make a difference – one consistent team at a time. Email to see how Good Leadership can empower your managers with the tools they need to drive success.  

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