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The spotlight is on leaders – how do we see what you believe?

Is this a photograph of a Sun “rise” or a sun “set?” Without the facts, the answer depends on what you believe.

The most satisfying part of my job as an executive coach is being in the inner circle of executives who share their hopes and dreams, fears, and beliefs. In “normal times” that intimacy is part of the job. Since COVID-19 and George Floyd, that intimacy feels like an opportunity to change the world. Part of the coaching is to help our clients get out of their “thinking brain,” which is mostly confused these days – and transfer the energy of the times into our “believing brain,” our soul. Because facts are flimsy these days, thinking creates confusion and hesitation. Belief creates hope and possibility. And action. We are more likely to take positive steps forward because of things we believe.



So, what do I believe?

To prime the pump, I’ve articulated what I believe about our situation today:

  • We are living through the most exciting moment in my lifetime.
  • The entire world is working together in ways like never before in the context of two significant unknowns: We are learning to live with invisible and deadly viruses that can spring up anywhere and affect anyone. And we are seeing new possibilities for eliminating systemic injustice and racism. Thank heavens.
  • Over the past four months, our lives have been interrupted in so many ways. And stimulated in so many ways. Our fears are shifting into a powerful form of determination – both personally and professionally.
  • The fact that you are reading this blog is proof that there is goodness alive today, because you are searching for ways to use this confounded crisis to get better.

I am hopeful about our future together. For me, the picture in this blog is clearly a sun “rise.”   I think my job right now as a CEO is to see things as an opportunity. A new beginning.

What do you believe?

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