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What, are you nuts?

While vacationing in Montana, a super-over-confident 30-something executive snickered in my face and uttered these words: “What, are you nuts? He asked what I did for a living, and here’s the answer I gave that elicited his snooting:

We are building a publishing label called What Really Works. It’s a movement to help people like you and me share their “success habits” around things that are really important for leaders. We intend to publish short, crisply-written 120 page books that are packed with insight from ordinary, everyday people who have powerful stories and messages to share. The first book is called What Really Works: Harnessing the Seven Fs: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun and Future, to live the life you imagine.

Gafaw: “What, are you nuts? Smirk: “Everybody knows the publishing industry is dying…” Then he went back to reading his book. And, he had three more books stacked below his chair.

At that very moment, I knew we were on to something. Seth Godin agrees. Seth Godin is one of my modern day idols. (The other is Elton John) He re-invented himself significantly mid-career. We have a lot in common: except that he is handsome, famous and wealthy.

We share the same outlook on the publishing industry. Follow this link and imagine “my” voice, instead of his:

Oh yeah…and when you get to the “best seller” part — substitute “golf clubs.”

Book launch party: February 3, 2010. Metropolitan Club, Minneapolis, MN

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