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What can we learn from Megan Remark?

Regions Hospital CEO Megan Remark charmed the Good Leadership Breakfast guests with a crisp and refined message about how goodness pays.

Poised, happy, articulate, and magnetic – that’s how I’d characterize the presence of Megan Remark who spoke at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Friday. She’s the CEO of Regions Hospital in St. Paul, MN, and also one of the senior executives at HealthPartners. Under her leadership, Regions hospital has risen to be included in the Top 50 Hospitals in America two years in a row.

Megan adoringly shared how her parents were her first role models for radiating goodness.

Guests who persevered through a Bold North snowstorm to get to the breakfast, were treated to a full menu of nuggets from listening to Megan speak. Here are five that I’m savoring still today:

1. Her parents were great mentors for “goodness” in every aspect of her life – that left me reflecting upon and appreciating what I learned from my parents to help me be a good leader.

Megan literally made me LOL, when she explained how she and her husband Roger are leaving their children “memories not money,” someday.

2. Hospitals may possibly be the most complex teamwork environment anywhere on earth – patients during a 3-day hospital stay will likely encounter 100 hospital staff members during their care. Every one of those people delivers upon what Megan called a “moment of truth.”

3. Her advice for the youngsters in the room who want her job someday: “Take your time. And make mistakes and learn from those mistakes on a smaller stage. Once you get the big job every thing you do will be in view.”

4. She and her husband Roger are embracing all of their Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, & future in raising their two children. They are adventurous with bold travel. “We tell our children we are leaving them memories instead of money!” The audience laughed along with me.

5. Goodness starts with each of us as leaders. “If you don’t think your immediate supervisor radiates goodness, then you can decide to do that yourself.”

Listen to the Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast featuring Megan.

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