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What questions do you ask yourself on the way up?

Every successful leader with a ‘big job’ started with a small job. It’s the understanding of the small jobs that we all have in common. That’s why listening to the story of CEO’s like Scott Anderson are so compelling — we’ve all wondered whether or not we could do the “big job.”

If you attend the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday will learn first hand that Scott Anderson, CEO of publicly-traded, Fortune 500, Patterson Companies, began his journey to the top from very humble roots.  And every step along the way, he faced his own limits by asking: “can I really do the next job?”

Personally, I find sincerity and humility in a corporate CEO to be game-changers.  Anyone paying attention to business and investment news lately is calloused by a steady stream of fraudulent reports and cover-ups.  Most of us react to positive stories with skepticism…bracing ourselves to eventually hear of scandalous acts revealing the behind-the-scenes truth.

Spending time with Scott Anderson reminds me that good, solid people can handle the scrutiny and pressure, and still be good, solid people. He helps me believe in the goodness of Wall Street companies.  Now that’s something.

Join us for breakfast on Friday, April 27, 2012, at 7:15 am at Minnesota Valley Country Club in Bloomington, Minnesota.  We will provide plenty of time for networking, a nice hot breakfast, a good message from a great speaker…and we celebrate and embrace the Seven Fs of Good Leadership: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future.

Good leaders learn as much from the small jobs as they do “the big job.”  And they never stop questioning whether or not they can handle what’s next.

Join us for the Good Leadership Breakfast.  And don’t forget to bring some cash for the Bucket of Good Will.  So far, with matching dollars from The Handy Paint Pail, we’ve contributed more than $6000 to local charities.

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