What’s holding back your inspiring new ideas?

You are strong and mentally tough. You’ve endured the hardest part of the ambiguity of COVID-19, and new insights about your business are stirring your sense of positivity. That’s what good leaders do!

Remember the Bell Curve.

Some of those ideas are radical ideas that will take some sales savvy to help your people see the possibilities…and others are just common sense, given how the world has changed. But you are feeling the resistance, and it’s draining.

Here’s where the Bell Curve always applies. In any given population, 16% of the people will find new ideas exciting, and they will choose to hop on board and help you drive the idea forward. Mind you, it’s not just the “optimists” who adopt new ideas early…the “early adopters” shift and change based on the idea.

Here’s the tricky part. The same number of people – 16% — are resisters. These are the people who won’t like the idea, and will only come along with an “I HAVE TO” mentality. It takes a lot of energy to drag them along.


Good learning ahead

This week’s Wednesday Webinar is all about how to work your way through the Bell Curve. Kevin Sensenig from our team will present: From Disruption to Transformation – how to avoid why transformations fail. If you are motivated to innovate your way out of the COVID-19 situation, this webinar is a must-attend for you.

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Paul Batz

Paul Batz is CEO and Founder of Good Leadership Enterprises. He is an inspirational leadership coach, best selling author and professional speaker. His Good Leadership blog is recognized as one of the top leadership posts in America today.