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Where do you go to collect insights from good leaders around you?

The four faces of Good Leadership at the Good Leadership Breakfast Series this fall.

My grandfather, Willis Kenneth Hunter, was a small business owner in a resort town. During the summer when life around the lake was in high-season, the town was buzzing with happy energy. At an early age, I recall walking around the town with encouragement from my grandfather to meet his friends. He taught me how to offer my hand and a smile for a strong firm greeting. He called it: collecting handshakes.  In every person I met, I learned something about who I wanted to be when I grew up.

Get your tickets now to hear Alvin Abraham inspire the young leaders.

Looking back, leaping forward

Reflecting on the past ten years of my career, it seems like Willis Kenneth Hunter made a substantial impact on my trajectory. As we announce the 20th season of the Good Leadership Breakfast Series, we have created a venue full of happy energy, where leaders routinely find positive insights. I think my grandfather would be smiling at all of the handshakes collected through the colorful mosaic of speakers we’ve hosted. And the 19,000+ attendees who are helping spread goodness.

Julie Kae is the global sustainability leader for a Swedish-owned data intelligence firm Qlik.

Here’s the line-up for the 2019 Fall Good Leadership Breakfast Series – if you want to meet any of these people, it’s time to get your tickets. Because with ten years of positive momentum, only a few tickets remain for any of these four learning experiences:

Alvin Abraham, Dean of the Dougherty Family College at the University of St. Thomas

Alvin Abraham is a charming, charismatic leader, whose work in serving students with significant life challenges, is advancing the University of St. Thomas mission to advance the common good. Alvin is speaking at the Masters Alliance Young Leaders breakfast, presented by TCF. We’re expecting more than 150 young leaders to attend as special guests.

Nicole Lavoi in a nationally-acclaimed educator and researcher on women in sports.

Julie Kae, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Executive Director of Qlik

Julie Kae is a Boston-based leader whose job is to spread goodness. She beams with positive energy and creates hope for all people on the planet as Qlik partners with the United Nations and global non-profits to use big data to improve the lives of the most vulnerable populations.

Richard Davis, CEO of Make-A-Wish America

Nicole Lavoi, Public Scholar, Speaker, Educator, and Author

Nicole LaVoi, Ph.D., is a happy, healthy leader with an exceptionally powerful voice in the field of girls and women in sports. She is an anchor in the School of Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota and the Co-Director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport whose work is answering critical questions in the lives of stakeholders in and around sports.

Richard Davis, CEO of Make-A-Wish America

Richard Davis is a good friend of the Good Leadership movement. His leadership is featured in both the What Really Works, and How Goodness Pays books by Paul Batz. Leveraging his historic success as the CEO of U.S. Bank, he is now the CEO of Make-A-Wish America – a national charity whose work grants wishes to make life better for kids with critical illnesses. Richard is the perfect speaker to help celebrate the 10th year of the Good Leadership Breakfast.

Please know when you attend one of our learning experiences, I will do my best to help you collect the handshakes who will help you learn the most.

The coaching question today: Where do you go to collect insights from good leaders around you?

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