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Where Do You See the Goodness Culture in Your Teams?

A few months ago, I was working with a global pharma company who got their executive team together for the first time in 30 months. One of the very first questions the lead coach asked was:

Where do you see the goodness culture in this team?

A goodness culture is what supports operational assurance, alignment, commitment, and open accountability. It’s the unwavering beam that is central to an effective organization.

“There’s goodness all over this team,” the leader proclaimed. “Our culture is actually stronger now than it was before the pandemic, because we were all committed to one another’s success when COVID hit. We really believe in thriving together. We did the hard work to develop a sense of care and concern for one another. We all gave our maximum effort because we wanted it to work, and it did.”

Following those comments, the two newest team members added their magnetic pull toward this goodness culture:

  • “When I interviewed over Zoom, I could tell the culture of this team was different. I had many opportunities, but the sense of positive teamwork I felt made this the obvious choice for me.”
  • “Since joining this team, I’ve felt a positive lift in my personal life – this team is so supportive. We have really big goals, and we work really hard, but it feels good too.”

The benefits of building a team on the principles of a goodness culture are endless. The journey starts with making sure these three things are present for each member of the team:

  1. Meaningful work – they can see the bigger picture
  2. Colleagues they respect and admire – personally and professionally
  3. Each team member is making progress toward their aspirations

Think with me: are these three things alive on your teams?  If not, there’s room to improve both relationships and results. It’s worth it, because goodness pays.

To learn more about ways you can build a goodness culture in your team, call Good Leadership today to set up a What’s Possible Conversation.

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