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Where is the goodness in all this?

Gloria Perez is the President and the CEO of the Womens Foundation of Minnesota. She is the speaker this Friday at the Good Leadership Breakfast – broadcasted on Facebook Live.

Good leaders ask the right questions at the right time to bring out the best in people. In Minnesota, we just learned the Governor asked us to “shelter in place” for another three weeks. I know, I know…I’m helping to flatten the curve. And I’m saving lives. And I have lots of choices and protections in my life that remind me how safe my life really is. But I’m ornery and slightly depressed. I don’t use those words lightly.

So that has me asking the question: Where is the goodness in all this?!

For me, the most obvious answer is in the sacrifices of people on the front-lines. And the stick-to-it-iveness of people who don’t have any work. And then there are the good leaders who have taken ownership of their responsibility to keep the people around them feeling positive, happy, and focused. And that brings me to Gloria Perez, President and CEO of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota – she’s the speaker on the Facebook Live broadcast of the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday.

Online, Facebook Live, this Friday at 8 AM CST

Gloria Perez participated in a FaceTime coaching meeting with me to prepare for her role in the breakfast this Friday.

In the 20 years Perez led the Jeremiah Program, she transformed it from a small nonprofit with a great idea and one employee (herself) to a substantial agency with operations in seven cities, over 100 employees, and a $10+ million budget. More importantly, during that time, the Jeremiah Program has transformed thousands of lives through its mission to prepare determined single mothers for the workforce, ready their children for school success, and reduce generational dependencies on public assistance.

My colleague Ellen is transforming the Aspiration Suite into a Facebook Live studio for a broadcast of Gloria Perez this coming Friday.

She’s the perfect speaker to help us answer the “Where’s the goodness in all of this?” question. In her own words: “We have witnessed countless acts of kindness, reminding us that we are all in this together,” she says. “It is those many kindnesses – neighbors helping neighbors, people donating supplies to health care workers, people singing to one another in their neighborhoods – that make me optimistic that we will weather this crisis, together.”

Join us this Friday, 8 AM CST, for a 55-minute version of the Good Leadership Breakfast online via Facebook Live. And let’s answer the question: “Where is the goodness in all of this?” together.

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