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Good Leaders: What do you believe about goodness?

Minneapolis/St.Paul is digging out from a whopper of a snowstorm today. Did mother nature add insult to injury after the Vikings big loss?

Mother nature dumped her pure white snow on Minneapolis last night – it’s the first really strong snowstorm of the season. With accumulations of more than a foot deep, she’s creating huge amounts of work for anyone who needs to free a car, a sidewalk or a driveway.

Insult to injury?

The timing of the snow added hardship to misery in Minnesota yesterday. The blurry blizzard added color to how Minnesota Vikings fans were already feeling from Sunday’s disappointing result.

For several weeks now, this arts-loving community had gone purple-crazy over the success of our National Football League team. The cherry on top of the anticipation was the artistic lighting of the most famous  Twin Cities landmarks – each awash at night in Vikings purple and gold. The whole state believed!

Goodness in everything

The snowstorm reminded us that life goes on. We embrace living in the bold north, including life-altering snowstorms and the risks of pinning our hopes to a team that just can’t seem to win the big game – yet.

I was at the big game to celebrate the “Minneapolis Miracle,” where the Vikings won. Even after the recent big loss, we gotta BELIEVE!

Here’s what I believe is the most important thing about goodness in life and leadership: good leaders can find the goodness in everything. And when they make that goodness grow, everyone benefits because of the rejuvenating boost of positivity. Finding goodness is not naive. Finding goodness is not limited to religion. And it’s not soft or easily exploited. Finding goodness in everything is oxygen for living and leading a good life.

Good leaders find the goodness in everything, because that’s how they thrive. And when they help that goodness grow, people begin to thrive together.

There will be more snowstorms, and there will be more big games. I believe there is goodness in both! Do you?

Please share with me: What do you believe about goodness?

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