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Ensuring Organizational Effectiveness:

Aligning Teams to
Thrive and Win Together


When the teams at the top are aligned
around a compelling plan, everything becomes easier.


When leaders are committed to creating a teams of teams environment, everything moves faster.


When team members embrace healthy tension to resolve challenges, everything works better.
Elevate Your Team

Operational Assurance is the Peak of Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness is the ability of an organization to efficiently achieve its goal and objectives.

The three things effective organizations must get right:
  1. The teams at the top need to be aligned

  2. Team leaders need to be trained on the same teaming methodology and language

  3. Organization needs to have industry A-players in mission critical roles

Create a Culture of Goodness in which team members seek accountability to thrive and win together.

Most leaders get work/life balance and accountability all wrong. They are not scarcity and fear concepts.

When team members seek accountability with clear expectations, the likelyhood of burnout is reduced, trust and respect are strengthened, and both positivity and productivity are enhanced in the team. In this environment, all team members can enjoy their journey both personally and professionally.

Good Leaders Have the Power to Improve the World.

Teams Aligned Around Goodness

Goodness in business is when people thrive together in a culture of encouragement, accountability, and positive teamwork.

When leaders prioritize goodness, they create an environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and engaged. This allows leaders to use their best energy in making competitive moves in the market and attracting and developing the best talent to grow their enterprise.

The Five Goodness Pays Factors

Compelling Business Plan

Creating a clear and actionable roadmap for the organization's success, which aligns with its mission and values, and inspires confidence in the team.

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Belief that Profits are Healthy for All

Fostering an understanding that financial success benefits all stakeholders, including employees, clients, and the community, and that it enables further growth and positive results.

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Team-based Culture

Encouraging collaboration, open communication, and shared ownership of goals, which empowers teams to collectively contribute to the organization's success.

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Timely and Transparent Decision-making

Ensuring that leaders make informed decisions promptly, while maintaining openness and honesty about the decision-making process, reinforcing trust within the organization.

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Magnetic Ethics

Upholding strong ethical principles that guide the actions and decisions of the organization, attracting like-minded individuals and partners who are committed to contributing to positive results in the world.

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Discover How Goodness Pays®

The Seven Fs™ - A Powerful Part of the Good Leadership Story.

In 2012, Paul Batz and Tim Schmidt wrote these words in their bestselling book, What Really Works. We do not believe in the notion of work/life balance. With Good Leadership coaching, leaders learn that “work” and “life” are not sacrificed for one another. Good leaders today know how to blend their work life and home life effectively as measured by the Seven Fs: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun and Future. Arranged alphabetically, they tell a powerful story about how good leaders radiate goodness.

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Learn how to Build a Culture of Healthy Accountability at the Fall 2024 Good Leadership Breakfast Series

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Client Testimonials

"As an internal successor to a legacy CEO, I inherited many of the modern challenges of urban Level One trauma hospitals in America today. With the coaching from Good Leadership, we increased collaboration and focus on the fundamentals in ways that elevated Regions Hospital to the Top 50 Hospitals in America two years in a row.”
Megan Remark
CEO Regions Hospital,
owned by HealthPartners
“The most effective coaching I’ve received in years is from Good Leadership on how to make our business plan ‘compelling’ in the eyes of our people at Burns & McDonnell. Their retreat model is eye-opening, stimulating, and it works. Our growth in both sales and profitability is better than ever, and we are increasing our recruiting effectiveness.”
Gene Sieve
VP, Regional Manager Business improvement: Burns & McDonnell
"The coaching from Good Leadership was transformational in how we grew the Minnesota Vikings organization. With their help, we reorganized our top leaders and learned to work together in ways that allowed us to build U.S. Bank Stadium, host a Super Bowl, and develop the world’s finest training and office complex. And our revenues jumped from near the bottom to near the top of the NFL.”
Kevin Warren
former COO Minnesta Vikings

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The only way powerful people get along is by building something special together with people they respect and admire.

Unleash the power of goodness in leadership to transform your organization


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